Business Development Coaching

Close more deals. Make more money. Have more fun and a better life.

Do you want to be at the top of your game more consistently? Jonathan Flaks Coaching Associates gives you a proven advantage in the game of business development, professional service rainmaking and sales management.

In fact, based on a Price Waterhouse Study of over 2000 coaching clients, the median return on investment from coaching exceeded 700%, and many clients enjoyed double digit ROI.

How can our coaching give you an exciting, high-performance edge?

Time management improvements- better focus on “best bets.”

➢ Enhanced mindset, energy and motivation, even in tough times.

➢ Clarity and confidence to reach bigger goals with less stress.

➢ More authentic relationships for better deals and more referrals.

➢ Impeccable communication and credibility to leverage leadership opportunities.

➢ A productive-fun presence that inspires everyone around you.

➢ Someone other than your spouse or friends to give unbiased feedback.

"During the last six months while I have worked with Jonathan my gross income has more than doubled while my overhead expenses have decreased. Working with Jonathan has kept me focused and has helped me to better understand the process of operating my office. Jonathan also encouraged me to start playing the trombone again, a passion that I had put away a long time ago. I highly recommend Jonathan’s coaching."

Robert L. Boydstun, Esq.

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Thoughtful Solutions for Business Development Breakthroughs

Are these relevant to you or someone you know?

  • Becoming more motivated and focused on top priorities?
  • Overcome being overwhelmed?
  • Getting more organized and time-savvy to handle multiple relationships?
  • Being more assertive or less aggressive
  • Being more confident in responding to questions or challenges?
  • Being naturally outgoing, credible and comfortable with networking?
  • Getting balanced, healthy and happy for optimal performance?

If you are READY to build a plan for working smarter, not harder, while enjoying a balanced prosperity in your career and life, give us a call.

To explore new possibilities for your success, let's have a conversation... .