Career Change

Is it time for a change?

Do you need to figure out what's next - especially regarding your unique abilities, earning potential and career satisfaction?

If you need to clarify and articulate your career direction and create a game plan for an engaging and meaningful new path, you’ll have an opportunity on this page to request an exploratory session at no charge.

“Jonathan Flaks has provided insightful coaching for me in my career planning and job search as well as invaluable leadership counsel in the first several months after I landed my position. Jonathan helped me view situations and opportunities from a creative perspective. He has a unique style that goes beyond the typical "by the book" practices and offers very compelling and interactive sessions in bringing out the best in his clients. I would recommend him highly for personal and business engagements.”  – Bill Ruggiero – Goya Foods

Isn't it time to get excited about getting up in the morning?

My focus and passion is to help you sort out the possibilities, find new clarity of direction and purpose, and help you create and and stay focused on a plan to experience a rich and rewarding situation for the next chapter of your life.  Whether you want to advance in your organization, start a new business, serve a non-profit cause or if you're not even sure what's next, you CAN create a well balanced, meaningful path. 

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I have the tools and methods to assure a smooth transition into your new role.  Let's figure it out together.

RATE AND RELATE - Which of the following statements can you relate to ?

I'd really like to get out of this RUT and wake up excited for work every day."

“What do I wanna be when I grow up.” ... or more accurately. “What do I do NEXT now that I'm here?”

I can’t just quit – How am I going to integrate my search into my daily plan and stay motivated day-by-day so I can make a smooth transition?

"I'm almost ready to retire - I just need an exciting and meaningful plan for how I'll use my time."

“ I can negotiate real well on behalf of others. How can I negotiate a better deal for myself?”

"My resume and interviewing skills are OK, but I need to do something to stand out and secure first-place."

“How do I strategize the promotion that I know I deserve - it seems like it might not materialize? "

"How can I upgrade or update my networking? I know that’s the best way to make the right contacts."

"There has got to be a better way to leverage my talent and time to make the kind of money I deserve"

CLICK HERE for further reflection - a secure, printer friendly version of this checklist.

If you can relate to these examples, we can talk about your unique situation during your sample coaching session. If you deserve to have a meaningful new purpose, then you owe it to yourself to contact me to discuss the goals you want to reach.

Call 914-478-0008 and schedule a free sample coaching session.

Even if we decide not to work together, I guarantee that our exploratory conversation will leave you with new ideas and a feeling of excitement about your new possibilities.

"It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot (1819-1880), Writer

What is so special about my style of career coaching?

Career Coaching is a blend of executive coaching, career counseling and business savvy marketing advice. Unlike most career counselors trained in psychology and human resource functions, my background includes entrepreneurial, results driven experience.

I have a 22 year track record of getting hired a lot, and since 1998, I’ve helped hundreds of others as well.  I focus on helping you position yourself, rather than simply retelling your career chronology.  Many clients have me fix their resumes and networking strategies after trying elsewhere to no avail.

We also maintain a high level of motivation and confidence to overcome the challenges.  Finally, we can leverage what I call your leadership equity to secure the best possible deal for you.

To explore new possibilities in your situation, let's have a conversation ... 

"I had been working in a family business, and I really wasn’t sure where life was headed after that. Jonathan was crucial toward helping me narrow my focus and putting to work my existing skills, which actually turned out to be pretty abundant. His feedback and insights act as a catalyst towards your looking at your self and your situation from a different perspective and lo and behold, it becomes very, very helpful. I’m in a new situation and already working on deals and having success there. Jonathan has certainly been helpful to me – give him a shout, it’s well worth it." – Shayne Mahon

Any questions?  Really, if there is anything you’d like to ask, feel free to contact me  -  – or call my direct line 914-478-0008.

To explore new possibilities in your situation, let's have a conversation ...