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Reaching Beyond Yourself
Written by Jonathan Flaks on April 5th 2018

For the last 20 years as an executive career coach, I have been passionate that everyone on this planet enjoys outstanding career satisfaction and success. As such, I’m a founding member of a non-profit with a big mission - to activate 1 million young leaders and entrepreneurs to drive 1 billion people out of poverty. The organization is called 1M1B which stands for 1 Million for 1 Billion. 

The 1M1B team flew 15 young people from India to New York to present their projects at the United Nations last month. These fourteen-year-old students created 900 jobs around the villages of India in only six months!

Each one of their inspiring stories included challenges they overcame, many that would occur to you and me as insurmountable. One of 1M1B's defining principles is called Beyond Yourself. This means looking beyond outward blocks and inward barriers to reach your goals.

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For example, one boy shared a solution to a government official for improving traffic flow in Bangalore by reducing illegal parking. The official tore apart his idea without providing any feedback or supporting the student with connections. “He dismantled my project,” the teenager shared at a lunch hosted by 1M1B and the U.N. Instead of being devastated, the student went on to create an Uber-style app matching people looking for legal parking to homeowners and property owners that have vacant land or driveway space. This solution has four benefits - reduces cost of parking enforcement, improves traffic flow, provides a service to motorists and gives extra income to property owners with unused land.

I encourage you to look at the goals you're facing and some of the situational or personal obstacles. The inward barriers, for most of us, create uncomfortable body sensations of fear, sadness and discouragement that have us say "I am not doing that anymore".

I invite you to be like this young person and these fourteen other inspiring young people and go after your goals with the passion and commitment of a world leader and you'll find yourself able to access creative resourcefulness to get the job done.

It will take some emotional muscle because you're stopped for a reason. Build that emotional muscle by pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. Your inner capacities will grow such that what was out of the comfort zone becomes comfortable. The more your comfort zones grows, the more confident you will be with obstacles. This growth gives you more freedom in a world of opportunities and resources that surround you everyday.

So, take a look at your goals and how you'll overcome your challenges and write some of your thoughts and your questions below and we’ll learn from each other.

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