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How to craft or revise your 
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Are you tired of not getting the interviews for the jobs you want ...
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Would you like some resume writing guidance for an eye-popping
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This is all you need - concise yet packed with FIVE 
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What You Will Discover From This FREE Training:

In this short online training, we reveal the top 5 radically differentiating strategies to have you look like a swan in a sea of ducklings. Your resume will get picked out of a stack to get you the interviews you want - without hours of agonizing revisions or heartbreaking rejection. These leadership oriented resume writing tips and our team of finishing experts will position you above the rest, even in a world where everyone is trying to stand out.
Hi, I’m Jonathan Flaks and for over 21 years I’ve been committed to people having outstanding career and business success, personal freedom and happiness in balance. I’m one of the first 500 coaches to have earned the Master Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation and had renewed it twice with many more continuing education credits than required - I love my work and am always learning more and more about how to be great at it.
I’ve also been a pioneer and innovator in the industry and clients say that I “get to the heart of the matter” quickly and “have a way with words.” That’s why I offer you this free training. I’ll show you how to be the original wordsmith (and it’s always best if you’re the writer) of the ONE and ONLY resume you’ll ever need to land a job you love. Say goodbye to hours of endless revisions and agonizing rejection! Take a look at the video above if you haven’t already, and then click the button to access my free “Fast Master Class." You’ll also get useful self-awareness tools and other powerful job search secrets - guidance for YOU to be the ONE absolute BEST candidate for a job you love.

“Jonathan Flaks has provided insightful coaching for me in my career planning and job search as well as invaluable leadership counsel in the first several months after I landed my position. Jonathan has a unique style that goes beyond the typical “by the book” practices in bringing out the best in his clients.” 

Bill Ruggiero - Finance Executive,
Goya Foods

“My relationship with Jonathan has guided me to my dream job and an improved life. If you have 
the opportunity to work with Jonathan, you’ll quickly realize the value of having a dependable, strategic advisor.”

James Riina - Managing Director,
Keller Williams Commercial Real Estate

“I found a really great job … I totally took your coaching advice, revamped my resume, and stuck to looking for companies within the parameters that we talked about in our coaching session.”

Michelle Spiniello - Project Manager,

Jonathan Flaks

Executive Coach & 
Career Catalyst 

About the Presenter:

Jonathan Flaks is a pioneer and an expert in the executive career coaching profession and is committed to outstanding career success and satisfaction for all. Since 1998 he's helped hundreds of people enhance leadership and communication to confidently get results and get hired

His clients come from industries including finance and private equity, real estate and construction management as well as media, entertainment and marketing. With a 30-year business background, Jonathan has worked with people from a wide array of companies including Disney, Sony/BMG Entertainment, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Goya Foods, Kohl Construction, The Corcoran Group, The Riverside Company, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, IBM, LEGO and the United Nations.

In a sea of 50,000 career coaches worldwide, Jonathan was one of the first 500 to be granted the International Coach Federation's Master Certified Coach (M.C.C.) credential, the highest in the coaching profession. He earned a dual degree from Cornell University, and has taught leadership and coaching skills at New York University.

He authored “Income Double – Half the Trouble” and created the audio program “Who Are You, Inc., Bringing Out Your Best In Business.”

Jonathan is dedicated to having you BE THE ONE absolute best candidate for the job you'll love. We foster great relationships and are champions for you getting the recognition you deserve.

 Your outstanding career success and satisfaction is our business.
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